Gun Cleaning just got MUCH EASIER! Introducing the GUN MOUSE!

THE NEW GUN MOUSE 10 SECOND PULL-THROUGH GUN CLEANING KIT is the newest, most innovative thing to come along IN YEARS for cleaning your firearms!
Made from the most durable, highly wear-resistant materials, it's commonly used by more and more NRA members, gun show operators and gun shop owners than anything else on the market! Gun Mouse is simple, yet effective method of cleaning any gun spotlessly clean is one of the coolest things you've ever seen. You simply drop the weighted cord through the breach end, grasp it on the other end and pull the mouse through the barrel, removing fouling, debris or even burned powder, many times in just a single swipe!

Cleaning your gun can be grueling and time consuming. We all know that. But, NOT ANYMORE! Gun Mouse ends the dread of even THINKING about it and makes it handy to clean it as often as you like! Skeet shooters will love Gun Mouse because of the ease of using it between matches and keeping your gun cleaner than you ever thought possible. Of all the top rated gun cleaning kits that there are out there, the Gun Mouse is the newest, most innovative thing on the market. Throw out all of your old cleaning kits for guns and get a Gun Mouse!

NO MORE MESS! Use Gun Mouse dry (or with our cleaner), use it often and use them with your kids. Absolutely the perfect gift for the shooters in your circles. Friends will be amazed at how easily YOU clean your gun while you're out shooting with them. They're gonna ask you, "Where did you get it?"  Simply tell them, "Gun!"

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