Why use Gun Mouse?

#1 Designed 360 degrees round with 6 plus inches of raw working power. Does not need to be a foot and a half in length to work. There is no escape for loose debris and fouling. 

#2 Compact and easily  stored in a portable, protective tube. No more smells in a gun case, clothes or cabinet.  

#3  Special designed nylon captures and holds the debris/fouling all the way through your pull. 

#4 Abrasive from start to finish. Like a nylon brush and will never harm your guns. 

#5  Solvents and oils.. No Problem. 

#6 . Built to last, reusable and easily cleaned.

Bottom line is your pistol, rifle and/or shotgun will have the perfect clean every time.

Gun Mouse- sizes from 17 caliber to 12 gauge

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